Our Essential, True-Self Identity

An Introduction

How I view myself will determine the entire spectrum of who I am. This is the fabric of my core self. One way that I do this is to create an image of myself that I believe will be received by the world. I carefully fabricate this image of myself and nurture it over many years. But this image I create is not much more than a figment of my imagination. And as I look at others who are forming their own images of themselves, I quickly become skeptical of their image and the motivations behind what they do. I become a judge of their image. 

There is a better foundation upon which our identity is formed. It is the foundation of how I was created and how God views me. This precedes all the ways in which I have conceived of myself and all the ways others look at me. It is the very ground of who I am. With this I can say, In God, “I live and move and have my being.” 

This blog of stillness will have as its foundation the reality of who we are created to be. In upcoming blog posts, together we will explore several texts which I believe have a powerful impact on how I will view myself and how I will view the world around me. 

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