Green Pastures, Grains of Wheat and Dirty Feet

Ignatian Spiritual ExercisesWeek of Prayer #23The Road to Calvary A posture to consider in a slight variation on Psalm 23: I experience God, who makes me while I lie down in green pastures.I experience God, who leads me as I go to the quiet waters. I experience God, who restores my soul. I experience God, who guidesContinue reading “Green Pastures, Grains of Wheat and Dirty Feet”

“My Truth”

Ignatian Spiritual ExercisesWeek of Prayer #22Jesus — Human and Divine “My truth.” This cultural phrase that is thrown around a lot. I sincerely believe that there is a dual understanding of “my truth.” There is the aspect of “my truth” as something I have created that justifies the illusion created by my false self. ItContinue reading ““My Truth””


Ignatian Spiritual ExercisesThe Kingdom of GodWeek of Prayer #21Luke 9:10-17   The Feeding of Five Thousand In Luke Chapter 8-9, we have recorded the ministry activity of Jesus and the disciples: Teaching about the Kingdom of GodJesus calming a stormThe healing of the Gerasene DemoniacA twelve-year-old girl dies and Jesus restores her to lifeA woman is healedContinue reading “Enough”

Jesus: “Touch me!”

Three Ways of LovingIgnatian Spiritual Exercises – Week #19 The incident with Jesus going with Jairus to heal his daughter and the woman with the 12-year hemorrhage is one that draws my attention. (Mark 5:21-43; Luke 8:40-56) For three days I sat in prayer with the people engaged with Jesus. The relationship Jesus has withContinue reading “Jesus: “Touch me!””