I am Paul Richard. I lead Journey to BE Still spiritual formation practices.

Come, let’s journey together…

I am someone who has been created in the image of God (along with every person who is reading this) seeking to live into the true expression of who God created me to be. I invite anyone to join me in this journey. It won’t be easy. You will have to deal with the monkeys dancing around your head as well as the restlessness of your body. This is the journey toward stillness, the Journey to BE Still. It is a journey, a very long daily journey. It is a path that we walk together. And it is good!

I invite anyone to join me in this journey, regardless of your faith (or non-faith) background…Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindu, Jewish, gay, straight, etc. I come to this journey as a follower of Christ, but I welcome the dialogue with anyone willing to be on the journey to be still. 

With what do I come to this journey? Most basic, I come with a desire to be…to be the true person God created me to be. I am a spiritual director (see my listing with ESDA) . I am a yoga teacher (see my listing with Yoga Alliance). I am an Opening Yoga Instructor through MindBody Solutions and have 4+ years of leading adaptive yoga for people with disabilities. I am part of the faith community called Christ Community Wesleyan Church. I am a classical guitarist and composer/song writer. I enjoy hiking the trails I have made on my property as well as any other trails. I run (slowly) and bike (a little faster). I care about people struggling with poverty and who live on the fringe of community. My most formational relationship is with with my wife of 35 years, Lyn. Someday we hope to travel to visit the amazing National Parks of America. My son Austin and his wife Halie are the special joys in my life, as are my daughter Kierra, partner Randy and grandson Atticus

So come, journey with me. Tell me what you desire and what you bring to the journey. And together let us be grateful for the goodness that surrounds us day after day.

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