Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction creates the safe space to reflect on how one is experiencing the presence of God in one’s life.

The spiritual direction session is a time when someone commits to creating a safe space, listening to you share your journey of faith. So many of our conversations with each other are on a surface level, fearing the vulnerability required to share deeply about ourselves.

Taking the next step of one’s journey of faith through spiritual direction feels very risky. It is so personal in nature that it is difficult to know who we should trust with this. But this journey is not a solitary one. The journey of faith and the journey to be still is always a journey in community, a journey with another.

If by reading this website and learning a little about me you would like to invite me to journey with you, please contact me. This initial session does not obligate you to anything. It simply gives us the chance to explore the possibility of a short journey together.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

I just wanted to tell you that I thought you led us all wonderfully last night.  I particularly enjoyed the yoga part.  There’s something about doing this yoga stuff in that particular environment with these particular people that really opens something up in me and causes me to face myself, and often causes me to be emotionally present to myself.  Which often makes me cry. : )  I find that I become aware of anxieties and pain that I had been hiding from myself.  Anyway, I just appreciate that space and appreciate that you’re doing this with us all.


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